Assessing Child Care Needs for Professional Societies and Meetings

Some professional societies provide on-site day care in the conference building using a professional day care provider. STEM FTI would like to see more of such facilities at conferences, if they were well-used.

Use this form to tell us your level of interest in having on-site child care at a conference site, using an insured provider put in place by the professional society organizing the conference.

Only statistical information will be passed to professional societies in an effort to make a case to them about the utility of child care services to their members. Your specific personal information will not be forwarded beyond STEM FTI. We request your name and email so that we may contact you with questions and avoid duplicate submissions.

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Are you a regular dues-paying member of this society? Yes | No

How many national or "main" meetings for this particular society have you attended in the past 5 years?

Has having children reduced your attendance at this society's meetings within the past 5 years? Yes | No

Have child care issues reduced your participation in this professional society, other than meeting attendance (for example, have you attended the meeting but not been able to attend certain sessions or business meetings that you otherwise would have)? Yes | No

Have child care issues impacted your ability to volunteer in this professional society, for example to chair/organize sessions or symposia or participate more fully in the society's leadership? Yes | No

I would use on-site child care (by a professional provider) if it were free Yes | No

I would use on-site child care (by a professional provider) even if I had to pay for it Yes | No

If child care were available at the meeting sites, I would likely (greater than 50% chance) attend conferences organized by this society in
2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

If child care were not available, I would be less likely to attend future meetings True | False